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USB to ethernet Adapter for use with USB cradle includes USB. Enhance USB Cradles by the addition of Ethernet. No Separate Power Supply required.10/100 Mbps Ethernet. It is preferred solution for high-speed applications.

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Portsmith Convertor enables network access, file sharing, printing, etc
through existing USB device connections. You can also use it with  handheld Mobile Terminals and Mobile Computers using USB

It is designed with high quality materials. Unlike other adapters, it will withstand a
lifetime of being dropped, moved and generally tossed around your work environment. Also, it minimizes failure points, the PSA1U1E requires no separate power supply, has grounded wiring from both the USB and Ethernet ports and
operates on very low power draw directly from the USB connection.

PSA1U1E is designed to work well with others. The molded end caps enable the adapters to be aligned side by side or top to bottom, for efficient use of desktop space and better cable management.

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