Zebra Spare Battery – DS2278


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Spare Batteries, DS2278 Family, India Only

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Barcode Scanner battery, DS2278 Family, India Only

Certified Zebra Accessory.
Zebra accessories are manufactured to meet all of Zebra’s standards.
This genuine accessory is made to work with select Zebra products.
Built to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and performance.
Choose Zebra accessories for the best compatibility.

Restart your old scanners that have become non-working due to old batteries. Getting Scanner batteries is cumbersome task as vendors it takes time to search for vendor, get quotes, high lead times and long follow ups.

Now with webstore.barcodeindia.com, get your favourite battery in 5 business days without any interruption.

If the budget does not allow to buy new barcode scanner and scanner is also functioning normally, then changing battery is always recommended in case barcode scanner battery fails. Also, it increases the product life and user prefers to buy a battery rather than new scanner if the scanner model has latest technology and in usable condition.

In case you wish to replace the scanner with latest model and better features, visit https://webstore.barcodeindia.com/product-category/barcode-scanning

For any other accessory, click https://webstore.barcodeindia.com/product-category/accessories



Weight :- 0.1362kg

Dimensions :- 5.315 x 1.732 x 1.181 in

Spare Battery, DS2278 Family, India Only

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