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Barcode India offers a wide selection of Zebra bar code printer and barcode label printer for all types of labeling applications. From barcode label printers using thermal transfer or direct thermal only technologies can be purchased for Desktop, Industrial and Mobile environments. If continuous printing is required then Industrial printers are preferred over desktop printers. Otherwise desktop barcode printers are also good choice. Desktop barcode printers are mostly used in retail industry.

Zebra Barcode Label Printers – Bar Code India has a full line of Zebra Printers to meet your organization’s printing demands. Whether you need a Direct Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer to print shipping labels for your transportation department or Thermal Transfer Barcode Printers to create ideal inventory labels and asset labels, we have it all. Zebra Barcode Printers also offer 3 year carepack which provides addition product care and includes technical assistance. Barcode printer price varies from desktop to Mobile printers. These Zebra Barcode printers are reliable, durable ,energy star qualified to reduce overhead expenses.

Barcode Printer

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Zebra mobile printer ZQ120 (ZQ12-A0E01GB-00)

Zebra mobile printer ZQ120 (ZQ12-A0E01GB-00)

Zebra ZQ120 – 203dpi Direct Thermal Mobile Bluetooth (3″ Print Width)

Zebra mobile printer M3I-0UB0A020-00

Zebra mobile printer M3I-0UB0A020-00

Supports 3-inch(72mm) print width suitable for receipt or invoice, Compatible with iOS™, Android™ Windows, smartphone and tablet operating systems

21,374 35% Off
Zebra ZT220 (ZT22042-T0G000FZ)

Zebra ZT220 (ZT22042-T0G000FZ)

Zebra ZT220 – 203dpi Industrial Printer(4″ Print Width), USB, Up to 300mtrs Ribbon Capacity

Zebra ZD420 (ZD42043-T0G000EZ)Zebra ZD420 (ZD42043-T0G000EZ)

Zebra ZD420 (ZD42043-T0G000EZ)

Zebra ZD420 – 300dpi Desktop Printer (4″Width), USB , Up to 300 mtrs Ribbon Capacity

23,655 11% Off
Zebra ZD230T (ZD23042-30GG00EZ)Zebra ZD230T (ZD23042-30GG00EZ)

Zebra ZD230T (ZD23042-30GG00EZ)

Zebra ZD230T – 203dpi Desktop Printer (4″ Width), USB, Upto 300 Mtrs Ribbon Capacity

12,833 17% Off
Zebra ZD220T (ZD22042-T0GG00EZ)Zebra ZD220T (ZD22042-T0GG00EZ)

Zebra ZD220T (ZD22042-T0GG00EZ)

Zebra ZD220T – 203dpi Desktop Printer (4″ Width), USB, Upto 74 Mtrs Ribbon Capacity

11,177 18% Off
Out Of Stock
Zebra Printer ZD230 (ZD23042-30GC00EZ)Zebra Printer ZD230 (ZD23042-30GC00EZ)

Zebra Printer ZD230 (ZD23042-30GC00EZ)

Zebra ZD230T – 203 dpi Desktop Printer (4″ Width), Ethernet & USB, Upto 300 Mtrs Ribbon Capacity

Out Of Stock
Zebra ZT230 -300DPI (ZT23043-T0G000FZ)

Zebra ZT230 -300DPI (ZT23043-T0G000FZ)

Zebra ZT230 – 300dpi Industrial Printer(4″ Print Width), USB, Serial Up to 450 mtrs Ribbon Capacity Energy Star qualified

65,000 32% Off

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